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Sempio Brand Development & Website
what we did
  • Brand positioning
  • Visual identity
  • Tone of voice
  • Copywriting
  • Website design and build
  • Brochure design
  • Content creation

Sempio is a number one household food brand in Korea best known for their soy-based sauces. A family-run business, they export to over 76 countries around the world but had never introduced their much-loved products to the UK. Excited to help them conquer an unfamiliar marketplace, we brought Sempio’s brand to life with a striking new identity, website and brochure.

Sempio Brand Development Sempio Product Illustrations

Authentic Korean cuisine starts here

Sempio pride themselves on the quality and authenticity of their goods, and remained faithful to the philosophy of their founder who never wanted to produce or sell products their own family wouldn’t eat. They were on a mission to promote a more dynamic food culture and expand culinary horizons by bringing delicious Korean flavours to everyone’s kitchen.

A feast for the eyes

Inspired by their story, we created a visual identity that captured Sempio’s inventiveness in the kitchen, while complimenting their existing brand logo. It was important for us to make sure their rich history and culture was also reflected too. Our colour palette, illustrations and textures were influenced by the core ingredients of Korean cuisine: water, plants, meat, legumes, and grains, to create interest and variety throughout our designs. One look at their factory and you’ll see it’s decorated with eye-catching blocks of colour and fun murals. We were keen to show that Sempio had a more playful side as well as celebrate all their fantastic Korean flavours.

Sempio Website, Desktop View
Sempio Website, Desktop View
Sempio Website, Desktop View
Sempio Website, Desktop View

Loved in Korea. Now across the world.

We designed and built a website for Sempio, connecting them to consumer and trade audiences in the UK. The site showcased their wide range of hero products and featured a selection of simple and delicious Korean-inspired recipes to try at home. To go with their fresh, new look we crafted a tone of voice that was inspiring, informative, and warm. We also designed a complimentary brochure for the trade, so they could see the extensive range of Sempio’s products on offer.

Sempio Website Mobile Visual

Expanding our culinary horizons

The work we did for Sempio made their products accessible to the UK market. A whole new audience of food lovers were tempted into taking their products home and trying them in the kitchen to spice things up a little. Our clients were over the moon – and we couldn’t be happier we’re continuing to support them on their quest to introduce exciting Korean-inspired flavours to the world.

Sempio Brochure Cover
Sempio Brochure Spread
Sempio Brochure Spread
Sempio Brochure Spread


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